For the past month, we have been looking for a rich and creamy hot chocolate that didn’t have a lot of extra sugar and gums.  We couldn’t find any.  So we made our own.  It took a lot of trial and error to find the right ingredients.  It really is simple.  

  • real 60% dark chocolate
  • organic cacao from Ecuador
  • organic raw cane sugar
  • non-GMO dehydrated whole milk
  • sea salt
  • vanilla bean

We have had it for a week now and people have had both good and bad things to say about it.  One customer said it was the best he and his wife had ever had.  It was better than the pure drinking chocolate they had tried in Ecuador.  Several have commented how creamy it is and couldn’t believe that we had only added hot water to it.  Another liked the little bits of chocolate on the bottom of the cup and called them “presents” at the end of the cup.  Not all comments have been positive.  One customer said that she didn’t like it so chocolaty and it wasn’t sweet enough. We asked her if she had ever had a real chocolate drink versus something from a foil pouch.  She hadn’t.  So we are asking how people like their chocolate so we can make it more to their liking.  


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