Our Gelato and Yogurt

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How are we different from other ice cream and yogurt shops?

LOKAL makes it’s own gelato and yogurt. Using local milk, yogurt, organic cane sugar, and locust bean, we strive to make a delicious gelato that has the same calorie level as typical frozen yogurt.   We do this by hand crafting each batch using historical Italian recipes that we modify to reduce the fat and sugar.  We use some modern tools to help reduce the need for additional fat and sugar.

  • Blast Freezer – super, fast freezing reduces the amount of ice in gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt.

  • PacoJet – This is a high-tech kitchen tool used in high end kitchens.  It turns the frozen gelato and sorbet bases into creamy, rich desserts without the need of fats and additional sugar.

  • Locust bean – Used in some of our recipes, a small amount of locust bean helps to make sorbets, for example chocolate, smoother and more creamy without any cream or milk.

  • Inulin – Because we are eliminating the cream and egg, we add a small amount of the prebiotic, inulin to our gelato mix give it a better shape in your cone or dish.


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