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Supplier Philosophy

LOKAL is committed to sourcing it’s ingredients locally, when in season.  We look for growers and suppliers that are located within 100 miles of Williamsburg.  We work to partner with our suppliers by paying a sustainable price for quality product.  We prefer to use biodynamic and organic products when possible, but we use locally grown or raised before we use an organic product from further than 100 miles.  This means we pay a higher price for our products than if we sourced only from big box suppliers.   

In addition to sourcing locally, we work with our suppliers to optimize our green footprint.  We exhibit this in many ways.  Working with our general distributors, we coordinate their deliveries with other customers in the area so that trucks come fully loaded once a week instead of many times a week.  We buy in bulk to reduce the number of deliveries required.  When available, we select products that reduce the amount of non-recyclable trash we create.  In many ways, with large and small impacts, LOKAL tries to influence our community to support greater sustainability.

We are always looking for quality suppliers...


Do you know a farmer, a baker, or a cheese maker we should know?  We are always looking for quality suppliers.


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