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LOKAL Is Under Construction!

We will be closed until Saturday, January 13th for an update to our menu, renovations of the cafe, and staff training.   If you are walking by and the door is open, please come in for some free coffee!


Lokal serves nutritious, locally sourced, vegan and vegetarian food

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LOKAL is a new concept in healthy vegan and vegetarian dining in Williamsburg Virginia. Working with local farmers, we utilize the freshest products while they are in season and preserve them to use them when they’re not in season. This includes our gelatos, sorbets, breads, fruits and vegetables used in sandwiches, desserts, salads, and soup.

All of our menu items are made in-house or locally. Our gelato is made in-house with local milk from Old Church Creamery located in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  We work with Old Church for two reasons. First, their herd of 34 grass-fed, Jersey cows produce A2 casein protein milk. This is important as A2 milk is easier for people with milk intolerance to digest. The second reason is that the milk is high in milk fat. This allows us to make the gelato without additional cream or eggs thereby keeping the total calorie content lower.  By making our gelato in-house, we also control the amount of sugar. 

Our sorbets are made with whole fruit that is local or frozen.  During the summer we take fruit straight from the farmers hands, wash it and measure the sugar using a refractometer.  By measuring the actual sugar content, we reduce the amount of added organic sugar.  Some of our local fruit has high enough sugar that we add no additional sugar.

We only use organic sugar.  We do not add any corn derived sugar in any of our products.  We also limit the amount of additional sugar from ingredients mixed into the gelato after it is made.  The final two ingredients in our gelato are organic locust bean gum and organic agave inulin.  Both of these ingredients help to make our gelato creamier without additional fat.

Our breads are made from local or North Carolina wheat.  We use organic hard wheat flour for our sourdough breads which use only three ingredients flour, water and salt.

For our salads and soups, we partner with local farmers in a unique way for restaurant. At the beginning of the growing season, we discuss what is required for the year.  This allows the farmer to grow to order.  LOKAL has invested in a “state of the art” blast freezer that allows us to individually freeze fruit and vegetables at the peak of ripeness.  By working with the farmer and creating the ability to store their products throughout the year, we decrease wasted vegetables and fruits that are ripe all at once without enough demand.  This helps the farmer and allows LOKAL to provide our customers with locally based products throughout the year.

All of us here at LOKAL look forward to serving you the best locally produced products available. If you have any questions please contact us at the store or via our website.



LOKAL has plenty of seating for you.  We have our downstairs Lounge and in the front of our shop.



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445 Prince George Street, Williamsburg, Va     (757) 773 9845

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